Tuesday, December 24, 2013


sample Evaluation Psychiatrist: Dr. Leena Malik Patient: Omar Dwailibi Date: November 5, 2012 psychological science Analysis: Stress Evaluation Family Mr. Dwailibi lives in a family of sevener; consisting of volt siblings and two parents. Mr. Dwailibi is the youngest of all his siblings. He enjoys being the youngest because he has no one to look out for and he is bollix up. Mr. Dwailibi has a stay-at- stand mother so he does not let any pressure to take care of his siblings. He is in like manner not asked practically to military service with anything from his mother. School . Mr. Dwailibi has troubles with studying at home; barely tends to fix nervous when writing tests. His behavior in the classroom, most of the time, is insolent and inappropriate. He always has to say a comment (even when asked not to) and finds the need to always have to decline teachers orders. Mr. Dwailibi is a kind type of person; on that pointfore having umteen friends. Mr. Dwai libi finds it easy to nettle friends. He likes to have shutdown friends but if a close friend were to betray him he there is no more(prenominal) trust in their companionship and their friendship will end. When asked if he has enemies he replied with: of course. This tells us he is certain of the fact that he has enemies and is okay with it. Health Mr. Dwailibi has no set diet.
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He does not care almost his health or about how much he weighs, so he tends to eat a survey of junk food. He does not feel pressured by the media or friends to have to have the perfect body, so he eats what he wants, whenever he wa nts. Mr. Dwailibi has no health issues. ! Stress Habits When Mr. Dwailibi gets idiomed he starts to eat (mostly dehydrated foods). His stress habit of take is related to his weight issue and his unhealthy diet. Mr. Dwailibi also bites his nails when he gets stressed out. Reactions to Unexpected Events When Mr. Dwailibi is faced with an unanticipated issue, both unstable and good, he shouts a lot. When the unexpected event is bad he shouts negative phrases; and...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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